The diversity of choice when choosing tile patterns can be overwhelming, especially when you want to achieve a certain look but are not quite sure how to get there. Here are 4 of the most on-trend tile patterns we have noticed for commercial interiors to help you make that important decision.


Herringbone Pattern

This is probably the most popular pattern for tiles right now. Whether you are tiling walls, backsplashes, showers or floors, this modern classic looks great and will stand the test of time. It works for larger oblong tiles and is a perfect pattern to use for subway tiles.

How to Lay Herringbone Pattern: Create an L-shape with two oblong tiles by placing the end of one tile at a 90-degree angle against the other. Place two more tiles at the joined corner of this ‘L’ to create another L. Repeat this pattern.


Offset/Running Bond

This brickwork pattern has been around forever but can be brought right up to date with modern tiles, so it is not going out of style any time soon. It works with both square and rectangle tiles, is easy on the eye, and a perfect pattern for a contemporary commercial feel.

How to Lay Brickwork Pattern: Can be laid 50/50 but usually not suggested depending on the length of the tile. The 40/60 has become more popular with each tile starting 1/3 of the way into the tile below it. Works very well for wood-planks. Can be laid 30/70 for an authentic staggered look.


Large Format Tile Patterns

Very large tiles can present a challenge, but the trick is to keep it simple. A simple grid pattern will always look stylish.

How to Lay large format tiles: Lay the pattern in straight lines or diagonally.


Backsplash Tile Patterns – Vertical Brick

Vertical brick backsplashes showcase a beautiful subway tile or even real brick. It has the uncomplicated familiar look of brickwork but turned on its head. This is perfect for industrial styling in commercial interiors.

How to lay vertical brick pattern: The tiles are laid vertically, and a 50/50 offset makes the most of this pattern.


These top-trending patterns will look perfect for years to come. If you need any assistance, please get in touch with us at Garmon & Company. Our flooring consultants will be happy to advise you on the best commercial flooring for your design.