Project: AC Marriott
Location: Greenville, SC
Client: BE & K Building Group (Greenville, SC)


Hotel: ODA Charlotte, Stonehill Taylor (Interior Design)

Rooftop Bar: ODA Charlotte, ASD|SKY (Interior Design)

Peace Suite: Harrison Design

AC Greenville is part of the Marriott umbrella of hotels located in Greenville, South Carolina with flooring  supplied and installed by Garmon & Company.

Building on a successful previous project with BE&K Building group, the general contractor on this hotel, Garmon were brought in at the very start of the budgeting phase and worked closely with them through several subsequent design and drawing phases before being awarded the project.

Garmon delivers flooring and installation at Marriott AC Greenville

As with most hotel buildings, the acoustics are a big part of the project.  As a result, acoustical underlayment materials were used underneath most flooring products from the 3rd floor up. The hotel group is also known for building properties with large dramatic open areas throughout that show off the wide array of design choices from the floor all the way to specialty materials on the ceilings. 

The general contractor needed to be capable of executing big, fast-moving projects, as did all subcontractors including Garmon.

Garmon worked on flooring, project management, material procurement, and installation on the 8-story building with 192 standard guest rooms and 5 suites. The building also includes the main lobby, bar, offices, meeting rooms, and rooftop bar.

There were more than 40 workers on site, plus 8 office staff on hand to complete the project, with Garmon being involved for a 6-month period installing and finishing flooring surfaces, wall coverings, and external tile and brick veneer for the hotel water feature and rooftop bar.

Other flooring materials used throughout the property included rubber flooring, carpet, LVT, ceramic tile, stone entry thresholds, and concrete tiles. The 5 suites were designed separately and fitted with several high-end flooring and tile options.

The hospitality team at Garmon had to deal with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the project timings. The start date was delayed, while the completion date remained in place creating time pressure.

Thanks to the team and full-time on-site supervisor Ron Clancy the project remained on schedule, whilst working closely with other teams on the project.

Completed in December 2020 this is the largest hotel the Garmon hospitality group has done to date.  It includes more than 75,000 square feet of floor and wall tile which is also another milestone in the amount of tile installed on a single hotel project by the team.

We are proud of our role in this exceptional hotel which draws inspiration from the local people, arts, and culture. 


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