Commercial contractors with an entrepreneurial mindset have uncovered new opportunities to provide additional services to existing customers and target new business. As such, the roles and skillsets of the contemporary commercial contractor continue to evolve beyond the core product, installation, and maintenance businesses.


At Garmon & Company, our services have evolved over our long period of time in operation servicing the clients of Charlotte and beyond, moving through different economic climates and changing industry challenges.


Ten years ago, the economic market was in chaos, and business owners were tightening up their expenditure. The focus for clients at the time became much more financially driven, and both commercial, educational, and healthcare clients looked to stretch whatever dollars they had rather than focus on long-term solutions.


Over recent years as the economy has recovered, the new availability of capital has expanded flooring design budgets, and more customized finishes like polished concrete and tile have become popular on large-scale projects.


Where once the same facilities were forced to use lower-cost solutions, today they have grown a deeper knowledge of the risks that come from compromising on quality and when, and when not to stretch their budgets. Understanding lifecycle costs are a big consideration today, as clients want to be assured that investments lead to reduced risks, better performance, and lower maintenance. Part of this shift comes from our dedication and willingness to help clients understand the real costs of the products and services they choose over the lifecycle.


Another major change over the years has been the recognition from clients that moisture control systems are vital, rather than being simply an extra to a flooring project. The industry is getting to grip with the problem with advanced adhesives and other inherent moisture-control solutions, which we now offer to all our clients as part of our full-service flooring solutions.