Today the flooring industry is continuing to create change and enhance local communities. The great news is that a lot of this work is being powered by leading female employees.


At Garmon & Company, we have a long history of supporting women in leading roles within our business. Our commercial flooring company was started by a woman, Bettye M. Garmon in 1983, renaming the company, Garmon & Company, Inc. in 1995. Bettye was a pioneer in the commercial flooring business in Charlotte, as the first woman-owned commercial flooring company.  Bettye built the business on industry knowledge, dependable service and relationships with suppliers and customers in various industries.


It is reassuring to see that the next generation of leaders are coming through in our industry and that many of them are women. This is something we look to achieve in our own business, hiring and promoting women from within to progress their careers to higher levels of management.


The same is true in other flooring industry organizations across America. At Armstrong Flooring in Pennsylvania for example, sustainability manager Amy Costello and research development manager Kayla Lowrie have been recognized as next-generation leaders in the 2019 Women in Manufacturing STEP Ahead Awards.


Encouraging generations of women to go into business

Both Lowrie and Costello believe that helping younger generations of women to careers in science, technology, engineering, and math is important. At Garmon and Company, we couldn’t agree more. We were started by a strong visionary woman and happy to support others who follow the same career path.