If you are planning on using a patterned floor covering that arrives in a roll, like a patterned broadloom carpet or vinyl sheets, it is imperative that you understand pattern repeats.

What is a Pattern Repeat? Standard Pattern Repeat vs Drop Pattern Repeat

A Standard Pattern Repeat means the pattern is the same on both sides and matches horizontally (from side-to-side) as well as vertically (up and down). You can cut it along the repeat line and drop the second half beside the first, and the pattern will continue without interruptions. This simple alignment means it is easier to measure and install.

When you measure for Standard Pattern flooring, work out the square footage of the space by measuring the length x the width. Because the patterns align automatically vertically and horizontally when you lay it, this makes it easier for you to calculate how much of the material you will need.

A Drop Pattern is a pattern that repeats diagonally across the surface of the floor. This means that if you spread out two rolls side by side the patterns will not match up horizontally (running from side to side), even if there is a vertical (up and down) pattern repeat. So, if you need more than one roll of material, you will need to drop the pattern to get a match.

To achieve a perfect match, you will have to buy an extra pattern repeat as the pattern does not align automatically. The width of the flooring roll is fixed, but the length is custom cut so this is where you need to add on any extra material you may need which would be an entire pattern repeat to avoid pattern clash. The first roll will be the required length for the space and the second roll will be that length plus an additional pattern repeat. This will give you enough material to properly align the design and get an exact match.

In conclusion, you need to take accurate measurements and include an extra pattern repeat in your second roll to achieve a perfect result with a Drop Pattern Repeat.  A Standard Pattern Repeat is a lot easier to work with and doesn’t require any extra material.

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