Garmon & Company believes in giving back. That’s why the Garmon Give Back Program supports a number of worthy organizations and initiatives in our local community.

The idea is to share our belief in teamwork and celebrate our partnerships with local organizations to do more good for the people around us.

A selection of the organizations that we support are listed below, with details of the way we work together.


Arts Plus

Arts+ provides outstanding arts education to students of all backgrounds and ages. Garmon supports the project with Bronze Sponsorship plus participation in events, such as the Gingerbread competition.


Y Readers

Every child deserves the chance to thrive and the ability to read and write. The YMCA of Greater Charlotte started Y Readers to address this critical community need by providing high-quality tuition to students who need a little extra help. Since 1999, Y Readers has helped more than 5,000 children in the Charlotte area. 100% of Y Reader’s parents witnessed an increase in their child’s confidence. Garmon assists this work with sponsorship plus participation in the annual golf tournament.


Six on Six Volleyball

The Six on Six Volleyball tournament is a head-to-head competition that promotes camaraderie and networking between commercial real estate companies in Charlotte while raising awareness and support for local charities. Garmon is involved as a sponsor of this annual event.


Camp Blue Skies

Camp Blue Skies offers camps for adults with developmental disabilities. The camp is celebrating 10 years of providing camps, recreational activities, both indoors and outside, along with lots of fun and friendship. Garmon provides sponsorship plus participation in Camp Blue Skies events.


Charlotte Trail of History

The Trail of History is a privately funded nonprofit corporation which raises funds and selects nationally recognized bronze sculpturists and installs life-size or larger bronzes commemorating the lives of important people to the history of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. Garmon offers sponsorship plus participation in events.


Blumenthal Performing Arts

Blumenthal Performing Arts are on a mission to present the best in the performing arts and in partnership with others, share and employ the arts as a major catalyst to strengthen education, build community cohesiveness and advance economic growth. Garmon works with Blumenthal Performing Arts as a sponsor.


The relationships listed above are just a selection of our involvement with community projects throughout Charlotte. We are very proud of our work to date and plan to continue to support worthwhile causes close to us in the future.

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