Covid-19 has changed many aspects of everyday life, including how we go to work.


As more workers return to their office jobs, they are entering a new kind of landscape. Many employees will wear face masks to protect themselves and their colleagues. There will be social distancing. Desks will be positioned further apart to help stop the virus from spreading from person to person. In some cases, plastic shields could be installed on desks too.


Shared office amenities such as gyms, shower rooms, or communal break out spaces may be off-limits until the virus is defeated.


America has pioneered an open-office trend in recent decades, allowing more employees to fit into smaller spaces. Modifying open-plan offices to safely allow some workers to return is, however, problematic.


Some of the ideas put forward by employers include marking desks and chairs that should not be used. Others are going to introduce one-way systems in hallways and close off meeting rooms.


At Garmon & Company, the future of the office remains just as important to us as ever. One way we can help in our role as professional commercial flooring contractors is to promote flooring that helps with social distancing and delivers important health messages.


We are supplying commercial buildings with social distancing mats that feature markers to keep them the correct distance apart from others.


We can also supply and install mats that include the message “Stay Healthy. Wash Your Hands” to promote office hygiene.


The mats are available in custom sizes, colors, and designs. They are available upon request with a maximum lead time of 2 weeks, though some designs may be available immediately.


We believe that strategically placing these mats throughout a commercial building can help to slow down the spread of the Corona Virus in the United States.


For more information on mats that can help your workplace deal with Corona Virus, contact our team.