Let Garmon & Company help you make the environmentally responsible choice for carpet disposal. In 2008, Garmon & Company has diverted over 724,153 lbs of carpet from hitting landfills. We will reclaim any used carpet; this includes carpet with vinyl backing or other specialty backings as well as all types of fiber systems.

Some fibers will be recycled in a closed loop process and turned into new fibers. Vinyl backed carpet will be turned into new carpet tiles backing. Other carpet materials will be used in new consumer products or converted to energy. We guarantee that the carpet removed in this process will not go to a landfill

Garmon & Company will:

  • Provide a proposal with no hidden costs
  • Provide a reclamation plan outlining the process
  • Remove the existing carpet
  • Package the material as required
  • Arrange transportation to the recycling center
  • Provide a certificate verifying the reclamation of the carpet and how many pounds of material were diverted from the land fill

After removing the existing carpet, we can help you specify new environmentally friendly floor coverings. This will help generate LEED points on your project.

If Garmon & Company does not handle the removal and packaging, we will help facilitate the reclamation process by receiving properly packaged material. The appropriate reclamation fees will apply.