At Garmon & Company, we are fortunate to call many local distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers in the flooring industry our partners. Good local distribution partners add a lot of value to our business.

This includes local market knowledge, product knowledge, testing, training, and technical installation expertise. There’s also loyalty and reward programs and support for local distribution and quick delivery.

Even more beneficial are the opportunities they provide us with to source and install the latest amazing new products from around the world at a convenient local source.

Suppliers also know a lot about the local market and can provide valuable insights as they work with all kinds of commercial flooring contractors on a daily basis. They become a hub for industry news, ideas, and even problems that arise as well as providing solutions to these problems.

Using their local market knowledge and expertise they can give guidance and support to customers and contractors around the products they supply, and this can be really valuable for contractors should any challenges arise.

Local delivery is also vital because a lot of the time we are working on commercial projects with strict project timelines. It helps to work locally to deal with the need for additional resources should the project require them, and good relationships with local distributors enable projects to run smoothly to completion.

Some of the best distributors not only carry the best established and new products from the USA they also scour the globe looking for the latest amazing innovations in the flooring sector from different countries and import them to the USA.

With this kind of strategy, it means the best local and global products can be produced and delivered to meet demanding schedules giving you great convenience and choice.

Here at Garmon & Company, it means we can provide our commercial flooring customers with the best and most advanced new flooring products in the local Charlotte area. This is all down to the long-term partnerships and strong relationships we have built with local flooring distributors for the benefit of our clients.

If you would like more information on our high quality manufacturing and supply partners, please take a look at the links and resources on our partners page to explore the vast array of quality flooring options we provide.