When it comes to delivering high-quality flooring solutions to our clients, the partnerships we have built up over many years in the industry is a key ingredient of our success.


Our partnerships go beyond working with just floor covering partners, we also have relationships with businesses that supply materials and training on floor preparation and moisture remediation, for example. Other partnerships focus on specialisms such as soundproofing, others on building entrance systems, stairwell solutions, or sports flooring.


By partnering with a large and diverse number of specialist companies we are not only able to offer our own expertise on projects to clients, but we can also tap into additional experience and knowledge on materials and best practices for specific solutions, such as some of those listed above.


The great thing is after so many years serving clients nationwide, our partners know and trust us and are willing to collaborate and share knowledge and training with us on their products or and technical flooring solutions.


We are also able to offer the most diverse range of floor preparation methods, almost unlimited options on floor coverings with everything from stone, natural wood, vinyl, ceramic tiles, carpet, rubber, laminate, glass, and various other specialist materials.


The partners’ page on our website currently lists over 50 flooring partnerships meaning we are the ideal flooring contractor to manage commercial projects and provide a solution for what you need for your industry, from non-slip flooring, metal finishes, easy-clean surfaces, eco-friendly, recyclable materials, turf or polished concrete. When you work with Garmon & Company and our partner network, there really is no limit on what you can create!



If you would like more information on Garmon & Company, our partnerships, or what we could help you achieve on your commercial flooring project, please get in touch with our friendly team.