Keeping ahead of the latest interior design trends and being ahead of the curve on what will inspire interiors in the coming months and years is part of our job at Garmon & Company as a leading flooring contractor.

While cubicle design was once the go-to for commercial offices, and then superseded by open-plan communal workspaces, today the trend is very much built around employee wellness and comfort. This trend is driven by an understanding that employees are more productive and effective when they are comfortable. The most popular form of commercial workspace today uses a mix of communal and private spaces to allow for different tasks and for staff to move around during the day depending on the task they are working on. The aesthetic has in part been driven by a multigenerational workforce, who are comfortable voicing their opinions and pushing for spaces that are more engaging and vibrant.


Flooring is still of major importance in this kind of office set up. The floor is one of the largest surfaces in the workspace. It helps to establish and reinforce the feel and mood of a space by using texture, pattern, color, sound, and feel. Just like an old, worn, polished hard floor can leave a cold and dated feeling, the opposite is true with the right floor finish. Different flooring options can be used to complement the employee-first comfortable environment.


Another key trend is the art of mixing multiple flooring types to suit different spaces within the commercial interior. This naturally makes the specification more complex and needs additional planning and design work.


No matter how trends develop, Garmon & Company will always be inspired by amazing spaces being designed, developed and ultimately put to use. We look forward to using our experience in various building segments to supply the most effective solutions.