Cleaning regimes have been stepped up drastically with the onset of Covid-19.  Commercial operations need to comply with health and safety rules through rigorous daily cleaning routines, as the presence of the virus on their premises can close their business.


The implications on flooring surfaces when applying detergents every day


As vinyl flooring is coated with a polyurethane layer, continuous application of the detergent is sure to eat away at the coating which will damage the appearance of the flooring surface, and eventually, start to degrade the flooring material shortening its lifespan.


So, is there a better way to protect a floor against the virus? By using a flooring surface that already contains an antimicrobial formulation, an extra level of protection is provided against Covid-19 and improves health and safety standards for your staff and clients.


The addition of a high-quality antimicrobial agent during the manufacture of sheet vinyl flooring hinders the development of microorganisms, giving added protection to the floor against germs. The antimicrobial agent cannot be washed away with cleaning, giving long term protection. The floor still requires regular cleaning but gives added defense against the virus.

Is Antimicrobial flooring better than using detergents?


Having the floors covered with a high-grade antimicrobial formulation is a great way to ensure the health and safety of your workers and customers.

The most common method to clean surfaces and treat the virus is with bleach, disinfectants, or cleaners containing alcohol of 70% or more. But flooring is a high traffic collector of microorganisms, thus requiring frequent cleaning to rid the surfaces of bacteria and viruses. This means in the long term you could be damaging your floor.

Who needs antimicrobial flooring?


The Covid-19 virus has the potential to be on all commercial floors and is not selective in its spread. A top priority for antimicrobial flooring will be installation in clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare services like mobile clinics and ambulances. Cruise liners, the airline industry, and gym owners could be well advised to use antimicrobial flooring too. The benefit of using a flooring material that is germ resistant is obvious.


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