Garmon & Company are a full-service flooring contractor. As you would expect we cover the main services related to commercial flooring installation, but we also offer a few additional services you may not yet be aware of.

Garmons’ services span across consulting, estimating, competitive pricing, expert installation, certified reclamation and project management. In this article we will give an overview of all the ways we can help our clients.

Subfloor Preparation / Floor Leveling

To ensure floor preparation is stable we perform concrete surveys, removal of previous adhesive, self-leveling concrete topping, or skim coats where required to smooth or transition to the new floor covering.

Concrete Finishing – Sealed, Stained or Polished

We can deliver a non-toxic polishing process that delivers a durable and sustainable polished, sealed, or stained concrete finish. The final look is highly customizable to your own requirements.

Moisture Testing and Remediation

Garmon provides site testing for concrete moisture content using the latest techniques of Relative Humidity (RH) probe testing. We can also install concrete moisture mitigation systems to help mitigate the risk of any future flooring failures.

Product Selection / Sampling

We offer our clients a detailed product consultation to ensure they can find the right products to fit their space. We can start with a product specification to ensure it meets the required safety and performance standards for the space in question.

We are able to provide flooring samples at no cost, meet your defined corporate product standards, and deliver materials that meet your budget.

Demo and Reclamation

Every commercial company or non-profit today needs to meet environmental responsibility targets. Garmon helps achieve this with carpet disposal including certified reclamation of old carpet and carpet tile. We also provide flooring demolition and removal services and responsibly dispose of waste materials.


Garmon ensures our clients receive professional, accurate, and detailed estimates and proposals. We use industry leading software including RFMS Measure to ensure accuracy. Our estimates include material orientation and layout design.

Project Management

As part of the flooring process, we offer a team-oriented approach to project management from start to finish. This allows us to provide quality control, effective and timely communication, and time and risk management to deliver projects to deadlines and budgets.

LIFT Services and Phased Renovation

Renovate the flooring in your space with a phased approach. This can help with minimal interruption to your business as usual, and can be completed during weekends, nights or vacations. Our LIFT services enable us to move furniture in phases, helping to reduce time and costs.

National Account Strategies

If your business manages multiple commercial buildings, perhaps beyond Charlotte and North Carolina, and on a national scale, Garmon can help standardize your flooring work.

We can establish image and brand standards and product availability, establish and maintain budgets for your corporate property portfolio, negotiate best pricing and installation, and standardized installation approach to meet consistent expectations.


Garmon provides a service coordination department to help our clients with service-related items. This includes repairs to floors or transitions, rug replacement, and cleaning services, so we are here to support your commercial flooring needs far beyond the installation period.


If you would like more information on Garmon & Company, our services, or what we could help you achieve on your commercial flooring project, please get in touch with our friendly team.