At Garmon & Company, we are members of the FUSE Alliance, a trade association for the flooring industry.  More than that, they are a cooperative in which each member owns a single share of stock. The organization is managed by a board of directors who are member-owners.

FUSE Alliance is one of the fastest-growing trade associations in the flooring industry and works to keep members up to date with ongoing changes in the sector. Part of the work FUSE Alliance manages includes best practices for the industry, trialing and approving new technologies within the industry, and work with supplier partners so members can take advantage of what they offer.

FUSE also helps members work through things such as job costing, estimating systems, or defect claims.

For independent contractors, FUSE Alliance can offer a lot of benefits including access to a wider knowledge base, insight into industry trends and more that can help us all prepare for the future.

The Alliance is designed to allow even smaller companies to gain advice and support from other members in areas as wide as new equipment, sales tools, and the flooring industries’ latest technologies.

For smaller companies without direct access to this information or a wide pool of connections, reaching out to other members is very beneficial. Another benefit is the opportunity to attend regular meetings to hear from keynote speakers in the industry, learn about new changes and challenges, and new software and hardware that is leading innovation.

Part of the reason why we here at Garmon & Company joined the FUSE Alliance is that they help us connect with others in the industry that face the same challenges, problems, and opportunities as we do.  Having all this available to us ultimately makes us stronger and deepens our expertise around product technology, client management tools, and industry trends so our customers feel the benefit.

Photo of Team Garmon winning FUSE Alliance’s 2019 Most Engaged Member award.