Garmon & Company has expertise in many industries, including national and international organizations. With over 35 years of successful commercial projects, we stay true to our reputation as commercial flooring experts in our industry. Our experience means we can help clients find the best and most effective flooring solutions for them, thanks to our continuing education, training and full industry engagement.

New & Renovated Corporate Interior Upfits
Did you invest in a new commercial building for your business or renovating an existing one? We can work with you and your builders or architects to achieve a design the works in unison with the overall design approach to the building. We are highly experienced in modern corporate interior upfits, both new and renovation.

Banking Facilities / Branches
Banking facilities and bank branches need to present a professional appearance and a unified aesthetic across multiple locations. Our experienced team can help design, install and maintain the best possible flooring system for banks providing durability, sustainability and a scheme that will suit their own brand identity. Through national account partnerships, we are expanding our reach across the country.

Senior Living Facilities
Senior living facilities need to pay extra attention to the stability of their flooring and carefully tailor their design to the needs of elders. Our team takes the comfort and safety of the elderly very seriously, whether you require a soft carpeting with warm and appeasing tones, or resilient cleanable flooring, all with ADA requirements in place, we can help. We are attentive to working in occupied facilities and recognize that this is home to many.

Learning Institutions
Appropriate flooring is a crucial part of any learning environment. Garmon & Company can provide you with flooring that provides safety, and materials that deliver effortless cleaning and long-term durability that can withstand constant traffic.

Faith-based Institutions
Faith-based institutions require hard, durable and sound-reflective surfaces that can withstand crowds of people over a long period of time. We can provide you with the optimal flooring and give your institution a strong foundation.

National Accounts
Our detail-orientated team with a variety of national partners, resources and expertise delivers what you need to finish your additional locations with confidence.

Medical facilities have some of the highest floor performance requirements. We take great care to consider all your flooring needs, from infection-control, constant rolling loads and heavy traffic, to appeasing and warm design so that your patients feel more at ease. In most projects, we are at the front of the design basis.

The hospitality industry needs to take special care of the interior design. We offer a wide range of flooring projects fit for hospitality developments, whether you opt for shiny parquet, marble tiles, or rich embroidered carpeting, we can help you find the right aesthetic.

Our team can provide restaurants with commercial flooring plans that ensure slip resistance, durability, resilience, non-flammability and a wide range of design options to choose from.

We provide a wide array of flooring solutions designed with the automotive industry in mind. Garmon & Company can provide you with numerous industrial flooring solutions specially catered to the facility requirements and image standards.

Property Management
Keeping your properties updated and refined takes a partner who has the craftsmanship that shows the quality you are trying to deliver. From repairs to full replacement, our partnership will deliver your property’s value. Quality and long history of delivery makes us the partner you have been seeking.

Retail spaces have many variables with heavy traffic, creating an experience for the consumer and an atmosphere that matches the character of the store’s brand. Our expertise combined with the variety of options available makes us prepared to assist these unique needs.

General Contractors
We have built a solid foundation as a dependable subcontractor and trade partner with the general contracting community. We partner from the budgeting process to project turn over. Our experienced staff will provide solid communication, field supervision, proactive solutions and quality installation, while always thinking safety first on the construction sites.

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“Greg Hodges, Juan and his crew were fantastic to work with. They are definitely an A+ dream team.”

Kimberly Fitcher, Ridgeview Baptist