Occupied commercial environments present many challenges when replacing floor coverings. Garmon & Company can LIFT your systems furniture when installing new carpet tiles saving thousands of dollars in tear down and build back of furniture, loss of employee production and overall business disruption. Installation takes place on evenings, weekends or vacation periods, with practically no interruption to employees. We work together to establish a phasing schedule that is reviewed with your staff and tailored to best fit the needs of your office. We will provide detailed, color coded floor plans to identify the areas of work for each phase.

Benefits include:

  • Product Specification
  • Phased Planning
  • Less Expensive than moving and breaking down furniture
  • Less Time required for replacement
  • Save on business disruption

The LIFT method of installation will provide a cleaner installation while saving time and money for your organization. Workstations are lifted in place, existing carpet is removed and new carpet tile is installed. Modular work stations are returned to their original state. All your employees need to do is secure loose desk top items, unload overhead shelving units, and power down all computers; then arrive to a clean area with new carpet.