When you’re starting your business, or renovating a floor or two, you automatically attempt to keep costs low. It makes sense. However, skimping on quality flooring can end up costing you thousands of dollars (yes, thousands) in the long-run. Not only does it cost you money, but it costs you time—and every great business owner knows that time is money. Here are a few time-draining elements you can avoid by having quality flooring installed correctly:

Avoid High Heating and Cooling Bills
Businesses and corporations tend to focus on walls when it comes to avoiding heating and cooling bills. The focus isn’t always on the flooring, but it should be. The type of wood, carpet or thickness of your flooring will make a dramatic impact on what you spend to keep your employees or tenants warm in the winter and comfortable in the summer. It’s not as simple as one might think—that’s why having an expert installation team and quality consultation goes a long way. Discussing the wood grain, the process and the style is just as important as the installation process. A great installation team will help you find ways to save by estimating where the right kind of flooring can make the most impact based on your businesses regional location and weather vulnerability.

Avoid Turnover
High turnover rates affect your bottom line. It’s much more expensive to re-hire a team than it is to retain them. Studies show that employs who enjoy their work environment are more likely to stay, regardless of benefits or pay. Whether it’s an intern or a senior VP, the quality of an office space makes a huge impact on work. If your flooring lends an uncomfortable look, feel or creates an annoying amount of noise pollution at every cubicle, you can expect your employees’ quality of work-life and quality of work-product to go way down. Eventually, they may leave altogether. No amount of ping-pong tables or donut parties can cure the toll a miserable office can take on a great employee.

Avoid Aesthetic Deterioration
Business’s should be welcoming. That’s how you retain clients and get new ones! Corporations and business owners often put much thought into the art and the curtains that hang in their conference rooms, but they don’t often think about the impact a sleek and stylish flooring pattern has on a visitor. Quality flooring is easier to maintain and lasts much longer. Who wants a visitor coming into their office and seeing a piling patch of carpet or a thread-bare hallway? No one. Your office aesthetic speaks louder than you do—and your floor can echo the statement it’s already making.