Flooring may seem like it’s simply an aesthetic decision, but it most certainly is not. The type of flooring you choose for your corporation or business will affect more than just the eye. While it’s true that colors and patterns can promote a more calming or productive work environment, the level of noise that your flooring allows makes just as much of an impact.

Studies have shown that workplace productivity drastically increases with a reduction in noise and audible distractions. Here are a few more benefits of noise-reducing flooring. The right flooring:

Promotes More Employee Engagement
Chances are your corporation or business has a multitude of segments made up of a variety of different types of employees. No two are alike. However, the biggest threat to low employee engagement and productivity isn’t the dreaded “zoning out” (which usually happens around 2:30 pm), it’s the lack of calmness and focus due to a chaotic environment. Employees who can engage in conversation with each other, conduct a meeting without hearing foot pounding upstairs are far more likely to feel collected and centered. When they feel that way, they’ll be more likely to produce quality work.

Decreases Distraction
There are some moments in the day when you, or your employees, simply need to be able to hear themselves think. When there are no board meetings, no creative brainstorm sessions and no water cooler talk, that’s often the time the true hard work is coming together. Sure, we have headphones and easy jazz that could be pumped through the speakers in the office but that’s not always everyone’s cup of tea. Your best bet at decreasing your distractions and the distractions threatening to reduce your employees’ productivity is quality flooring. Crunching numbers, drafting proposals and creating content needs a quiet environment so thoughts can remain focused.

Is Welcoming to Visitors
When you’re creating your business, you think about the aesthetic elements. How often do you think about the acoustic elements? When visitors come into your place of business, do they feel a sense of calm, or get a sense of your authority and professionalism? The right noise-reducing flooring can make that happen. Sure, a sound proof, glass room makes an impression, but if a potential client comes in and can hear the laughter and roaring in the next room or the next level, they’ll leave with a negative idea of your business.

So how do you choose the right flooring for your business? Consult an expert. At Garmon & Company, we understand how important the small decisions can be in the overall creation of your business. Commercial flooring is an art we don’t take lightly—and we don’t take your price point lightly either! Our team can consult with you to determine where noise reducing flooring is most needed within your business, and how the placement can be to your best benefit. Plus, we offer an extensive selection of styles and materials to ensure the right pattern or tone is available for your unique business needs.