Suits to Muddy Boots

Our blog “Suits to Muddy Boots” has the answers you’re looking for regarding flooring trends, repair and installation, and the different materials and design we work with. Learn more about the services we provide, cost-efficient options, carpeting and tiling installations, our partners, and more.

Differences Between Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Everyone has a preference when choosing their flooring material. Ceramic and Porcelain are very similar, yet there are distinct differences. Should you opt for porcelain or ceramic for you next commercial flooring project? Here are some tips that would...

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How the Right Flooring Saves you Time and Money

When you’re starting your business, or renovating a floor or two, you automatically attempt to keep costs low. It makes sense. However, skimping on quality flooring can end up costing you thousands of dollars (yes, thousands) in the long-run. Not only does it cost you...

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